Managing and Growing God's Resources

• "There is a powerful biblical secret to great gain found in this book"
• You can become completely free from financial worry forever.
• You can find valuable truths about financial faith that will change your life.
• A simple "Content Point" and "Budget Formula" will put your mind at ease.
• You might relate to the rich man who ran to Jesus more than you think. Just how rich was he?

GMM offers new resources to help in these difficult economic times

Today, when foreclosures, unemployment, and expenses are up and the economy is down, and the world doesn't know where to turn. God's people must understand and rely on Kingdom stewardship principles like never before. "I think that in these economically uncertain times God's people have a great opportunity to be salt and light to the world when it comes to financial matters, says Steve Main leading entrepreneur and author ," and to show those who are lost and struggling that God's stewardship principles are the answers to people's financial challenges".

GGM, in conjunction with The Changing Point, is excited to announce the release of the Audio version of the God Made Millionaire and a companion Authors notes DVD. This two disc set combines the audio book with a DVD of the author himself that provides deeper insights into the life changing principles found within the book. Providing meaningful insight and tangible information is at the heart of these new resources, "We wanted to provide people with something that was relevant to what is going on today, said Audio book and DVD producer Ian Hill," the Authors notes DVD allows Steve to expand on the Godly principles and concepts discussed in the book, it is thought provoking and I think that it will change the way people approach managing the monies God has given them". This two disc set is a must have for anyone who truly wants to be an outstanding steward of the financial resources that God has given them and who longs for the day they will hear "well done my good and faithful servant". The two disc set is now available in limited quantities during this special offer for only $9.99 (regularly $25.00).

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