What readers are saying...

"Your book is perfect. It is profound and makes perfect sense and is formatted in such a way that it can speak to anyone, even non-believers. It made such a huge impact on me that I didn't sleep last night, I just prayed for God's will to become my will. This morning brought a peace that I hadn't found in a long time. I called my husband, who is on a business trip, at 4 A.M. to talk about it" - Gina Hill

"I read the book and have a new perspective regarding GOD and his resources. Of course, I’ll have to read it again and again while putting the principles you teach into practice to fully understand and appreciate it. Page 89 is hilarious. Right at the place where you tell the reader "Do Not Laugh" ...Too late...I was already laughing..."

"Thank You for your time and effort in writing this book" - Scott Harris

About Steve


Steve Main is a Christian business man who has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years and is the author of the book "A God-Made Millionaire" and "Total Health Club Management".

Steve holds a BA in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Commercial Recreation and an MBA with a concentration in Finance. He is the founder of Fitness For 10 and Health Club Advisors, Inc. Steve has worked in every aspect of the industry including front desk, personal training, group fitness, sales, management, and ownership.

Steve borrowed $79,000 in 1994 and started a health club in Carson City Nevada. He used $20,000 of the $79,000 loan and the whole amount was paid back in less than a year. This one small club grew into a multi-club, multi-million dollar business.